1. Mailing List for RubyKaigi 2010 attendees traveling to Japan powered by qwik.
    1. What's this?
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Mailing List for RubyKaigi 2010 attendees traveling to Japan powered by qwik.

What's this?

RubyKaigi is gaining recognition, the number of attendees from outside of Japan attended has been increasing each year. So, we have created a mailing list as a place to communicate among those attendees.

Please join the list if you are planning to attend RubyKaigi 2010 from outside of Japan or you are interested in helping and communicating with Rubyists visiting from overseas.

How to join the list

Send an E-mail to rubykaigi2010overseas _at_ with the following information:

CC: shintaro.kakutani _at_
Subject: Join the List
(Put something in the body of the mail A good place for introducing

yourself :))

Correction: the previous instruction to add your own e-mail address to the CC: field was incorrect. In order to join the RubyKaigi attendee mailing list, please CC: shintaro.kakutani _at_ (or another existing list member) when sending your registration request.'

To Japanese:


Ruby会議が海外でも認知されつつあり、それにつれて海外からのRuby会議参加者 が増えつつあります。 そこで、海外からの参加者同士が連絡を取り合うための場として、Ruby会議2010 海外参加者メーリングリストを用意しました。 海外からRuby会議2010に参加する方はもとより、海外から参加するRubyistに興 味のある日本の方も是非ご参加下さい。


rubykaigi2010overseas _at_ qwik.atdot.netを宛先として、下記要領でメールを送ってください。

cc: shintaro.kakutani _at_
件名:Join the List

訂正: cc には上記かくたにのアドレスか既存メンバーのメールアドレスを含めてください。

Last modified: 2010-06-17